Tuesday, December 13, 2022

13th December 2022

 Happy Christmas a Happy New Year and


From the 

National Park Home Owners JUSTICE Campaign

web site

that will be removed on January 3rd 2023.


Many residents have always thought that a team ran the JUSTICE Campaign.  That is not true.  Apart from the help of John, who has religiously updated the website, I am chief cook, bottlewasher and I make the tea.  I would now like to pay tribute to John (who has always preferred to remain anonymous.)  Without him, I could not have got our message to the thousands of park home residents - without whom - our campaign would not have changed the law to stop

 SALE BLOCKING that was at epidemic levels in our country.


Why is PHOJC closing?  I believe the time has come for it to expand as there is so much more to tackle.  Therefore, it is moving to the next level.  It will have a new Website that is already under construction.  I am pleased to say that 

Tony Turner of PHPF and I will be heading the new Association and there will be other team members.  Like every other organisation, it needs to be funded and an annual £10 per home will be made for membership.


We have already been inundated with applications for membership 

but you can still apply to phojc1sm@gmail.com and ferrier57@btinternet.com

 All prospective members will be contacted in the New Year.


As the residential Park Homes market evolves, so must the laws that are in place to ensure proper and effective regulation. Whilst successive governments have improved and introduced some new legislation to outlaw a number of exploitative practices, it has not kept up with the expansions of the sector and has missed opportunities.  What we need is an organisation that is dedicated to responding to the many remaining problems and in driving positive changes.

Our new Association ( Name to be released in the New Year)  will take forward what is needed, prioritising the problems that affect us the most – and providing information that is vital to both prospective buyers and those already committed and living on residential parks, whether operated as they should be, or otherwise. Critically, its members will be involved as best they are able and if less so, will still be able to participate.

Sir Peter Bottomley MP and Father of the House of Commons has agreed to be the Patron of the new Association that will open in the New Year.

There was always a need for a coordinated and professionalised organisation to quickly become a force to be reckoned with - and - importantly an organisation that can be taken forward and remain in place for all park home owners who have the right to undisturbed lives, to fairness, deserved respect and laws and regulations that are not just in place but are enforced and effective.  There is no better time, when there is growing Government support for a much better market, where the rogues who believe they are a law only to themselves have continued to expand.

You, the members of PHOJC have done your job well and our ethos is moving to the next level. 

 As one door closes, another opens. 

Our New Association’s name will be announced shortly, and the future looks bright.

After the New Year, the wheels that are now being attached and oiled will begin to turn and the journey will begin.

Thank you for all your past support and I wish you all a Happy Christmas  a Happy Healthy New Year and I hope you will join our New Association.


22nd April 2023

THIS TAKES YOU TO THE NEW WEBSITE Park Home Owners JUSTICE Campaign Park Home Owners JUSTICE Campaign www.phojc.co.uk