Tuesday, August 16, 2022

Monday 16th August 2022

 Dear Justice Campaign Member


Please see below the link to the minutes of the last APPG meeting.  You will see that our President, Sir Peter Bottomley MP, brought up quite forcefully the RPI to CPI subject at the last APPG meeting.  I am writing to Sir Peter regarding a way forward because enough is enough.  Things are now way beyond a joke.  We have waited four years for Government to honour their promise and residents need action now.  The only ones to profit - as usual - are the site owners who are now gaining another RPI windfall.  This windfall will stay on the pitch fee and increase every year - which is downright scandalous.

If no concrete answer is received when Parliament returns. I think we must show our strength and rally again.  Get the media involved and make arrangements to take this to the new PM at Downing Street and have a meeting in the Palace of Westminster.

Of course, arrangements will have to be made and I will get back to you all when I have spoken to Sir Peter.  Parliament returns and the way forward is clear.  It will take some organisation - but we have done it before and can do it again.

Tentatively, please email me at phojc1sm@gmail.com if you are prepared to come to London to rally.

Best wishes to you all and watch this space if we do not get action.

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