Friday, September 9, 2022

9th September 2022

 Dear All

Temporary Postponement of our Rally and Meeting in the Palace of Westminster on the 19th September.

Following on from my email of yesterday, I am sure you will agree - in this time of National mourning and the iminent funeral of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth, it would be totally disrespectful and inappropriate to rally on the 19th September and I would not be happy to even contemplate it.

I have conveyed this to Sir Peter Bottomley (the President of our JUSTICE Campaign) and please be assured Sir Peter's support for park home residents is unwavering.  He has confirmed the meeting in the House of Commons and rally will go ahead with his full support as planned at a later date.

I have arranged to speak with Sir Peter's office when the funeral is over to make the necessary arrangements and decide upon a suitable date. I will of course announce the rescheduled date as soon as I possibly can.

I am aware that many have purchased travel tickets to London.  I can only suggest that you ask for a refund - or for the train/coach service to allow you to use the tickets for the future rally date.   At the moment I am being told that due to this being an unprecedented situation, decisions on the refund of exchange dates are not clear.  They are awaiting instruction and I will call again in a few days time.  Some of you will be in touch with various persons who have agreed to sponsor coaches - please contact them with the information that I am able to send out today.

Thank you everybody for your kind consideration in this matter and I do hope you will agree with this decision.

Best wishes

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