Friday, November 18, 2022

18th November 2022

 Success is in sight - at last.

UPDATE BELOW ON THE SECOND READING OF Sir Christopher Chope MP's Private Members Bill

ONLY FIVE WORKING DAY LEFT BEFORE OUR RALLY AND MEETING IN THE PALACE OF WESTMINSTER when you can have your say and let your feelings be known to the MPs and Peers in attendance.

I am pleased to tell you that an invitation from our JUSTICE Campaign - to the meeting in the Palace of Westminster - has been delivered from our President, Sir Peter Bottomley's office to all MPs and Peers.

Of course, not all will attend - but these invitations ensure that every MP and Peer in Parliament will be aware of our Rally, Meeting and importantly our call for Government action to expedite emergency legislation to change the increase on park home residents' pitch fees from RPI to CPI and to bring about the long awaited, hopefully fair decision on the 10% commission charge that robs you of your equity.. 

 As the Invitations will have come from the office of the Father of the House of Commons, they will be opened, whereas, if delivered from my own humble email address, this would not be the case.  Yet again, our JUSTICE Campaign is fortunate and grateful to receive much valuable help from inside of Westminster.   

SECOND READING OF Sir Christopher Chope's private members bill to change RPI to CPI

The Bill passed through all stages (Committee and Report ) in just three minutes.  Believed to be the first time this has happened.  It was called a worthy cause.  We can all be pleased at this result providing it moves quickly to Royal Assent.  We can be very thankful to Sir Christopher Chope MP but be aware, in my humble opinion this has happened because of all the letters that you have written,  The MPs that you have contacted and pulling together by all members of the park home owners JUSTICE campaign to obtain emergency action on what the government promised.

Below is the letter that I have sent to Sir Christopher and Sir Peter this afternoon.

Dear Sir Christopher

Many congratulations on achieving all stages of your Bill in just three minutes.  It is quite remarkable how quickly the government can move when it wants to.

Both I and our Campaign are grateful to you, Sir Peter and - of course -  the thousands of park home owners JUSTICE campaign members who have inundated the Prime Minister's office, their constituency MPs and the media with letters demanding emergency legislation to complete the Government's promise.  With dreadful rising inflation rates, I hope your Bill can be swiftly expedited to Royal Assent.  Certainly, something the residents will continue to push for.

This is of course very good news and I know that residents will be eager to hear you speak at our meeting in Committee Room 10 at 2.15 on the 28th November if your diary allows you to attend.

Best wishes and thank you for helping with our continuing  fight for justice


Sir Christopher has been invited to speak at our meeting in the Palace of Westminster - and those attending must continue to push for this to be expedited by emergency legislation - because you need the change now when inflation rates are so high.  It also proves that together we are strong and people will listen.

This meeting will also be your opportunity to push for a fair decision on the 10% commission charge and of course the current energy situation is also high on the agenda of many park home residents.

Although Sir Peter's office and I are sending to all forms of media, we still need your help over the next 5 working days.  It is your efforts that have brought us to this point.  We were on the back shelf of importance and every Resident that has posted to their MP.  Collected signatures and sent them to Downing Street - or - stood with banners and had their photographs in the local media have awakened the Government.  Without you, I am sure that we would still be waiting for "when parliamentary time allows."  However, we must keep pushing and share daily news of our Rally and Meeting on facebook and all forms of social media.  Please send the attached letter with details of our  presentation to Downing Street, rally and meeting  to all forms of media.

Well done to the thousands who have posted the letters to Government.  Together we are again achieving what we set out to do.

Best wishes and I look forward to meeting you in London.

­­­The National

 Park Home Owners JUSTICE Campaign

President:  Sir Peter Bottomley MP Father of the House of Commons


Founder:  Sonia McColl OBE



Rt. Hon Rishi Sunak MP

Prime Minister

10 Downing Street

London SW1A 2AA


Dear Prime Minister


Firstly, may we congratulate you on your appointment.


Our JUSTICE Campaign appreciates that you have much to do, however, we write to inform of the rally and meeting in the Palace of Westminster that is taking place on 28th November 2022.  Its purpose, to obtain emergency legislation to expedite the long-awaited promise that Government has reneged upon for over four years.


Those rallying today are pensioners.  Many are very vulnerable and hail from all parts of our country.  They could ill afford the travel costs to London on their fixed incomes – but their journey is fuelled by anger. 


Their pensions only rise by CPI and yet your government expects them to pay pitch fee increases which have been calculated by linking to the higher rate of RPI.  This index is rising daily and without emergency fast track legislation to honour the government’s promise, many park home owners will suffer a cold miserable fate that could even end in death – unless they sell up and move to Wales, where park home residents have long enjoyed a CPI increase to their pitch fees.


Why does your government trail in the wake of the Welsh Administration who have shown to be far more robust?


The only winners are the site owners and park home residents want to know why your government panders to the already wealthy by allowing them to pocket this windfall that will increase every year.


What has happened to our country that should force elderly, vulnerable and cash strapped pensioners to march on Westminster and demand action?


Sir Peter Bottomley MP Father of the House of Commons, has indicated that the change from RPI to CPI could be done in the next Finance Bill.   Sir Christopher Chope OBE MP has tried – to no avail - on numerous occasions to get a private members bill through the second reading.


Emergency legislation - not meaningless words - is urgently needed for park home owners.  You have the power to bring this to fruition.  The cry from our Rally calls upon you to direct your colleagues to expedite emergency fast track legislation that is needed to honour the government’s promise – which we believe could be done in a matter of days.­­­­


Yours sincerely


Sonia McColl OBE

On behalf of The National Park Home Owners JUSTICE Campaign and 31,441petitioners.




Tel:      07903024612

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