Friday, October 21, 2022

Friday 21st October 2022


Following the resignation of the Prime Minister, I have been in touch - all morning - with Sir Peter Bottomley MP and his office.  I can inform you that The Liaison Office at Downing Street have cancelled our presentation because of the current situation.  Due to hustings and the nomination for a Prime Minister candidate  having to be in at 2pm on the 24th October, it is very likely that Committee Room 10 will not be available.  Therefore, our Rally, Presentation and Meeting will have to be deferred to a later date.

I know this is bitterly disappointing for you all - but it could work out to be  beneficial as  I know that Sir Peter will continue to bring this up in the House and we can use it to gain publicity.. The purpose of our rally, presentation and meeting was to make the Prime Minister, many MPs and APPG members aware of the government's betrayal of its four year promise. This could not happen because we have no Prime Minister.  We can not enter Downing Street at this present time and all MPs are engaged in hustings etc . Therefore, there would be no one to listen to your voices

Sir Peter Bottomley is aware that park home residents were travelling from all parts of our country and have spent monies that can be ill afforded on coaches, mini-buses and national train fares.  Therefore, in an attempt to help, his office has supplied the letter  below which you can show to the various travel companies.  Hopefully, on sight of this letter from Parliament, they will make refunds or at the very least give you a credit note for future travel.  

Thank you for your support and all that you have done.  If you have contacted the media.  Please make them aware of the content of this letter.

Best wishes to you all and please KEEP THOSE WONDERFUL BANNERS THAT YOU HAVE ALL MADE - for a later date.


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