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5th January 2023


Park Home Owners LAW Reform Association

Until the new association can be fully operational, updates on the RPI to CPI change.  the 10% Commission Charge.  The £400 energy payment and other points of interest to park home residents will be posted on this page.

The letter below has been sent to all those who have applied for membership of PHOLRA (the new association.)

Dear prospective member of PHOLRA     (Park Home Owners LAW Reform Association)

As promised, we write to thank you for the interest that you have shown in becoming a member of what we feel sure will be a new robust association that will endeavour to tackle the many problems that exist in park home living - now and in the future.

PHOLRA`s `Mission Statement` includes the following:

Concluding the PHOJC RPI to CPI agreement. Reviewing the independent sales commission report and ending equity theft * Changing the scandal of the park owner annual pitch fee bonanza * Regularising utility supplies and ensuring independence and free market access, whilst investigating the possibilities of forming regional or national companies that can negotiate and secure best prices for utilities.

*Changing the law so that site infrastructures, maintenance and repairs become obligatory. Providing greater powers to Local Authorities that they are required to engage, including unannounced site visits and the use of Fixed Penalty Notices* Ending the use of concealed short-term leases and ensuring contractual transparency *Tackling fraud and ensuring criminal prosecutions

*The urgent removal of exploitative regimes*Tackling Local Authority avoidances of transparency * The declassification of residential Park Homes as caravans and chattels * Making qualifying Residents Associations effective by enforced recognition

*Providing regularly updated information *The creation of a network of pro bono legal representation for worst abuse cases

PHOLRA is being set up as a voluntary non profit making association.   Our new professional website has been built and will include a facility for members to pay their annual subscription online.  For those who do not have access to a  computer, we will offer an alternative means for payment. 

From the outset, PHOLRA will be a professional voluntary association that pushes boundaries and creates a path for others to continue its work in future years.  Therefore, a registered office address is being sought.  A business bank account is being set up.  A constitution written along with the enrollment of team members who will help to take it forward.  PHOLRA will be totally transparent.  Its website informative and its accounts will be  published annually. 

 As you will appreciate, all this takes time and we have to work within the timeframe needed by the outside bodies who are involved in the set up.  However, we are confident that  all will be legally completed by the spring of 2023 when PHOLRA will be officially operational.  As they say: " if a job is worth doing, it is worth doing well."

We are pleased and honoured to announce that Sir Peter Bottomley MP, Father of the House of Commons, has agreed to be the Patron of  PHOLRA.  With Sir Peter's help, we have an ear and a voice within Westminster that will help to bring the reforms that are needed.

Due to the unforeseen delay caused by outside bodies, the PHOJC website that was due to be removed on 3rd January has been left in place.  It will continue to show updates on the current  RPI situation.  Any change to the 10% and the £400 energy payment until  the PHOLRA website  can become operational.

We are totally aware of the RPI to CPI situation and a letter has been sent to Sir Peter  Bottomley MP, requesting that he asks if an amendment can be made to Sir Christopher Chope OBE MP's Bill that is currently in the House of Lords.  That amendment, if honoured, could take into consideration that many Residents have had RPI added to their pitch fees before the promised law change to CPI takes place.  Updates on this and any other relevant matters will be transcended to you through  PHOJC the Park Home Owners JUSTICE Campaign website and database. 

As PHOJC is a current stakeholder at the APPG for Park Homes.  The APPG Chairman (Sir Christopher Chope OBE MP will be informed that PHOJC will be moving to another level and a request will be made that the new association PHOLRA be allowed to represent park home residents as a stakeholder at APPG meetings after its launch.

The wheels of change are turning and we will write to you all again prior to the launch of PHOLRA  and invite you to join us as we embark on this new venture.  

Although we are very happy with those team members who are already onboard, we are still looking for persons who will be prepared to work tirelessly as part of our team.  If you think that might be you or you have any specific skill sets.  Please contact the Park Home Owners LAW Reform Association at:
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